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Thread: What Bodies can go on Automag Classic

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    What Bodies can go on Automag Classic

    I have an automag classic that I picked up that has a direct RF on it and I wanted to change it out for minimag body w/ powerfeed, I found a guy that was selling some but he was also selling some vert feed bodies. This is the first mag I have owned personally and I wanted to know if I could put a vert feed body on my classic mag without mods. Thanks for the help.

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    Pretty much any body but an rt classic (and e mag)?????

    If he has pictures you want a pic of the bottom, if it has a rectangle piece where the screw hole goes in it will fit, if it is round it will not (look at your body to see what I'm talking about)

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    Any body will fit except a Calssic RT. Some SS E Mag bodies had a pim that was slightly too tall, but those can be filed down slightly to fit.

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