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Thread: Adrenalin Impulse, HSW Iframe, WAS, NDZ, Morlock, Nerve etc

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    Adrenalin Impulse, HSW Iframe, WAS, NDZ, Morlock, Nerve etc

    Every now and again I purge most of my Impy stuff to start fresh and enjoy a change of scenery. Today is one of those days. My loss is your gain.

    This gun is appropriately dubbed "Night Rider" by James Graley (Adrenalin) way back when due to the matte black finish. Gun is in excellent condition.

    All prices include shipping and Paypal fees, no trades please unless for an 09 Imp.

    $300 pretty firm

    AIM frame w/stick trigger
    WAS board (flashed w/newest software)
    NDZ RIP Valve
    NDZ HE Assembly w/ Slik Shot Ram & Rat hole
    NDZ Equalizer Bolt
    NDZ Ball Detents
    NDZ I-cover
    Strange LPR
    Ti Bolt Pin
    Vertical Maxflo
    Virtue Argyle Bullet Grips
    Freak Barrel

    Also have matching Adrenalin Gas thru grip and horizontal maxflo - SOLD

    HSW "Poser" Impulse - Parting out (unless you want it as a whole)

    I pieced this gun together from HSW parts and an old school laser imp body. I think it's really smooth looking but I may be bias. 8)

    Iframe v1 (w/lasered I FRAME on tray) - SOLD
    Laser'd Impulse body (near mint condition) w/shorty rifled barrel & super cool HSW sticker! :thumbs up: - $50
    HypeAir ForeGrip w/black macro (is good not great condition, has some marks) - SOLD
    Virtue Argyle grips (new) - SOLD
    HSW Delrin bolt pin (have 2 of them) - SOLD
    Stock Ram assembly w/ndz slik shot and Rat hole hammer (rare) - $40
    NDZ LPR (in good not great condition, has some marks) - SOLD
    NDZ RIP valve - SOLD
    NDZ Equalizer "stubby" bolt - SOLD

    Crazy old school vertical maxflo - never used one of these before but always wanted too - SOLD

    Horizontal (screw in) maxflo (recently cleaned and greased) - SOLD

    Morlock board kit - $115
    Just never got around to hooking this all up. You don't see these for sale very often. They are a great board for those willing to tinker with there gun. I had one of these with break beam eyes in my Atomix Imp and it was plain ridiculous.

    The board is very small and is universal, so it can fit into any gun, not just an Impulse.

    Includes all wires, switches, eyes, etc. Even comes with half a WAS board so you can use the micro switch from it and easily mount it to the trigger frame (can explain more if needed)

    Dust silver horizontal maxflo w/rail - SOLD

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