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    RT Pro valve ***now a problems thread***

    I know this is silly, but I got a Pro valve sold as is in the f/s section for a good deal. It has a lvl 10 installed, but no spare parts/kit pieces/bolt spring... I was wondering if for the time being I can use my spare lvl 7 power tube parts and the bolt and spring from my classic to get this up and running for free, then down the road get the parts I need for the lvl 10 to be able to tune it??

    I know, its taking a step back, but taking a step forward from my classic valve. I've just spent lots o money on my mag the last month or so and would just like to get my pneu kit installed with this faster recharging valve ASAP, then worry about the lvl 10 later.

    I searched and came up with just key words in posts, I never found anything about cross compatability with power tube/ bolt parts

    Thanks all!

    I could also accept donations for a couple shims or a bolt spring I kid, I kid... but seriously.
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