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Thread: I hope I don't regret this. I heart Emag!

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    I hope I don't regret this. I heart Emag!

    I put my beloved emag up for sale last night.This sucks.

    Edit......Rule 7

    1.Agd ULE body, allows use of autococker threaded barrels, and Angel feednecks and ball detents.
    2.Serial numbers match on the Emag Valve.
    3.Upgraded Level 10 anti-chop bolt with soft tip.
    4.1000 mah upgraded KC battery pack.
    5.CCM, no rise clamping feedneck.
    6.CP rail and matching on/off asa.
    7.X-mod 1.8 software controlling the board.
    8.DYE Stainless Steel 12" barrel.

    *******If I get my Buy it now price I will include the charger to recharge the battery.
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    Rule 7.
    Good luck if you decide to sell it here.

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