Ok, my LAST purchase for this mag () I think is going to be a 15* foregrip extender from Luke... Whats the preffered? Ive seen the 15* forward and reverse, It came stock on some Cockers in reverse and those guys love it. Guys here have flipped their 15* backward, some have them forward...

What gives?

I have never used either one, so guide me to the light so to speak.... I personally like the look of reverse, but I'd rather be able to hold the thing comfortably than go off looks alone.


PS, Im still fairly old school, I run a decent size drop, I like the gun back putting scratches in my lenses... and Ill sprint for the 50 and crawl around to get up in the action (if my body allows it ) I just want this for a little extra room from the trigger frame now that I went to a double.