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Thread: FS - ETAC/Mech Tac One Package

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    FS - ETAC/Mech Tac One Package

    I'm selling my ETAC setup, which started out as a mechanical Tac One, but has been upgraded repeatedly throughout the years. I haven't played with it since getting it back from Tunaman last year because I haven't had an opportunity, so its pretty much freshly-tuned, and I am kind of in need of funds.

    What's Included:

    Universal Stuff:
    Centerfeed Tac One Body with clamping CCM feedneck
    X-Valve Parts Kit
    CP On/Off ASA
    CP Micro Razor Drop Forward (I ran a Ninja 90/45 on-gun with no problems)
    CP Mini Rail
    Stock two-piece TacOne Barrel
    Stock Tac One feedneck
    One or two extra field strip screws
    10" Lapco machine gun shroud

    Mech Stuff:
    ULT Trigger Kit with additional washers
    Black Intelliframe with Dye Sticky 3s
    Stock Tac Rail with sear assembly and stock bike grip

    EMAG Stuff:
    EMAG Lowers with Xmod 1.8
    Tunablade trigger
    Stock Emag double trigger
    Black grip panels
    Clear/Smoke grip panels
    Emag Battery Charger (car charger+wall adapter)
    Brand new Emag battery from Tunaman
    Emag rail (full length)

    Pictures of the Tac One in mechanical and Emag versions:

    I'm not really interested in parting and would prefer to sell everything in one transaction, although I might consider parting in large lots (Emag Lowers and components, Mech mag components, etc.).

    I realize that I could probably get more for by parting everything out than trying to sell it as a package, but I don't really have the time for that, so whoever buys it can do that with whatever they don't want and make some extra cash back.

    Update: Emag and components sold to Gremlin. Will be deleting thread and starting a part-out thread in the Misc. section after he gets it.

    Please post and PM. If I don't get back to you immediately, it's because I'm ridiculously busy with grad school, but I'll reply either way.

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    pm sent

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    Pm sent

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