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Thread: Looking for original owner and build thread on this mag

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    Looking for original owner and build thread on this mag

    This xmt ripper sleeper pneumag is currently for sale on pbn. Current seller is the 3rd owner. Aflyrice was the second, but he did not give me the name of the original builder. Does anyone recognize this build who can point me to the original builder? I'm considering trading for it and would like as much info and history if possible. I have specific questions regarding the airwalk sleeper pneuframe and it's reliability and ease of servicing and troubleshooting. I'm unfamiliar with pneumags and would like to know more from the builder if possible.
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    you can ask anyone with a AirWalk V1 or V2 frame or a StormWalk frame...they are hard to find, but Jay from Cerebrus made some Sa WeeT frames!!! if built right any frame can make a nice Pneumag frame...take a look at tha new Frames from Luke's Customs...those are some very nice frames!!!

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