Hey guys, just running into a little problem... or annoyance? And was wondering if anybody else had this same problem or knows of a fix?

Up until recently I have been able to see posts and pictures from my Tmobile LG G2X, or whatever model it is??? But regardless, within the last 2 weeks or so my phone has only been loading posts, and then for pictures it shows a small blue square with a question mark in it. And this ONLY happens on AO. I can go on PBN or other forums I'm on like NAXJA and see full posts with pictures.

Am I the only one? Ive tried googling fixes and came up with nothing, looked at settings on my phone and all the internet stuff should be set correctly. Ive done a reset on the device and still have nothing.


Also, on a side note... what is really interesting is the only thread I can see pictures in is "I think AO can appreciate this" in the paintball talk sub forum, and I think the only reason I can is because it was copied and pasted from PBN?