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I wonder what the reason for squatting on the patent is. I can think of a few, but they are all rather unfortunate. They bothered to produce and sell the 2009 Micro-Mag which was just a redo of there existing Automag based marker. The demand for a purely pneumatic marker equipped with the hAir trigger has to be just as big if not bigger.

The opportunity to market it is there as well:
-"Batteries not Included"
-"Batteries are for [insert derogatory term or feminine product requiring batteries here]"

I could go on.
They're not sitting on it per se, they've licensed the technology before to other people but for whatever reason negotiations broke down or were a nonstarter with DW. The information about what happened between them was shaky at best in 2004. Forrest didn't say anything at, and the guy from DW complained a lot publicly without sharing what actually happened, but made it seem as if he didn't feel he should pay anything at all which could have severely hindered negotiations. Looking back on the few threads about it there are more holes than there is information, so it's not really worth speculation anymore.

They are very nice and very reasonable people to work with, and believe me everyone wants to put a few extra bucks in their pocket these days, and the less work involved, the better. Give them a call, or send them an email with very specific information about what you want to do.

Partner with LUKE for. He's already been in contact with them and of all the people on AO offering parts and service he clearly has the best reputation for product quality, support, and timely delivery of products. Even if he makes his own frame maybe you could pay to have the Cheaters made?