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Thread: classic RT banjo bolt won't tighten

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    classic RT banjo bolt won't tighten

    The banjo bolt on my Classic RT starts to thread into the valve then hits a dead stop. If I monkey with it and loosen the frame takedown screw I can get it sometimes. Once in, it removes just fine.

    I know the rail has been redesigned, and I'm sure I have the old style, just wondering if there are any tricks to make the old style work. Bolt threads into the valve just fine outside of the gun, and with the valve out the bolt pushes through the grip, rail and body just fine. some combination of the two is messing it up.

    Any ideas would be great. Thank you

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    Just a stab in the dark, is there anything obstructing the valve from going in to the body all the way? Is the z lock pin stopping it from going in the rail all the way and making the holes not line up?

    You said the rail was modified? How so...

    To me it just sounds like the bolt is binding because the valve and rail aren't lined up

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    With the valve out of the body and no rail in the way, does the banjo bolt go in easy or do you still have problems?

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    He said it goes in the valve out of the body fine... that's what leads me to believe the valve and rail aren't lining up..

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    Thanks for the replies. With the valve out, The banjo bolt moves in and out freely. With the valve in, the banjo bolt screws in a little but then hits a dead stop. The holes appear to be lined up perfectly. Loosening the grip/body/rail screw by the trigger helps, sometimes.

    My rail has not been modified. I meant that I believe this was a problem with the early models, and AGD fixed it with a new rail (which I don't have.) I am guessing mine is an old model.
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    Mine is touchy. Always has been. Got to be real careful to get it to line up properly. So I would agree that there may have been some minor issue with the old ones from the factory. And yes. Mine to threads in just fine on its own out of the gun.

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