Greetings gang. I am motivated to sell these asap, so i have posted my lowest price on both to save time.

I just picked this up a month ago or so in non-working order. Fixed it up and got it working again... Shoots great! I tried to convince myself that the right feed wasn't going to be a big deal but it just bugs me too much so it's up for sale.

Also included will be a trap door kit, spare parts kit, and original CP barrel.

Asking $370 obo shipped to the con us
TONIGHT ONLY $330 Shipped!

DW and 13ci not included

Next up is my Geo
Asking $365 shipped FIRM

The Geo has the gst & gr2 upgrades as well as an SL3 regulator and brand new never fielded grips. Cosmetically its got some ano wear but functionally its 10/10. as shallow as this is, my only gripe is that i don't like blue otherwise i'd likely hang onto it.

Just let me know if you have questions and feel free to post or PM offers.