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Thread: wheres the bright colors?

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    i have a project in the works that will be sporting some major green in it

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    nice! i guess the slime is in these days...been wanting to do it for a while and now that i found an ano guy that is top notch, i keep wanting more and more parts done...

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    I actually just put in a quote request with ano-tech... I want (from the front) a medium color blue to lime fade, with the blue splashed on the green on the back... just waiting on the reply

    I'm also thinking about pewter to lime fade? Its a tough decision really

    Edit: do you guys even think pewter to green would work? Or would it look like a streak of poo through the gun where it fades?
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    This is my vision.... Also, I have a ULE body coming in the mail as we speak so it will be the whole deal

    And Im thinking of having the colors "splash clash", like if you interlocked your fingers, imagine each hand is a seperate color.... have the two colors splash into each other and fade out to solid colors by the ends of the marker

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    Me likes grn . I would like to see a Mag done in some of the colors from the Avatar movie.

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    Who would you guys recomend for anno job I have a rt pro I am looking to get done, its a total of 12 pieces I am going to do a blue/turquoise fade on. I talked to caustic customs I am wondering who else I should get a bid from. Thanks.

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    Ano-tech quoted me $170 for the fade/ splash. 15 pieces

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cokrkilr View Post
    Ano-tech quoted me $170 for the fade/ splash. 15 pieces
    they are doing paintball stuff again?"You play stupid games, you get stupid prizes." RU

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