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    Mag Nightmares...

    So have any of you ever purchased a used mag on ebay or craigslist and found it... in less than good condition... after receiving it?

    I recently purchased a classic RT zmag on ebay. Worth it for the zgrip but the valve and other parts are... frightening. It looks as if it was found in a flooded cellar. The twist lock pin looks as if someone trying to put in the barrel couldn't find the groove and finally tried hammering the barrel into place. (will provide a picture of this in a bit.) Here are some pictures of what I've found.

    The valve.

    The bolt.

    Does your banjo bolt leak? Simply apply teflon tape!

    Most of this doesn't bother me truth be told, the steel valve body cleans up easily and I intend to replace the bolt/power tube parts with a lvl 10 anyway... but still. The marker was sold as "in working condition" I can safely say it would not function as the bolt was literally glued to the valve body by the bumper. Ultimately I just wanted the zgrip, the rest is bonus as far as I'm concerned.

    Edit: Forgot my most important question. Any particular kind of grease that should be used on the springs in the regulator nut? I think someone had put axle grease in this one...
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