What is your favorite scenario game type? I just want some feedback on you guys.

My personal favorite is on a mid-size field called black hawk down. one end is you basic normal set up and then the very back of the other has a small crashed airplane there that is perfect cover. I usually take part in this all time favorite game type that has been tested and consists of the never ending war of Quantity V.S Quality. The refs usually line up all of the players in the game (usually around 60 or so) and pick ten that seem to have the most experience and higher end equipment. I am always picked in this with my marker simply because it stands out. But they throw you and 9 other people with higher quality markers or more experience (such as pump players), behind the airplane and your objective is to surivive the oncoming onslaught of 40-50 opponents with mixed backgrounds in terms of experience and equipment, usually kids with low end electros and tippy's along with quite a few "speedballers". You either have to surivive around 15 min or until all of the opposing team is out. This is my favorite because it has been replicating situations and battles throughout all of history and nature. The classic struggle of who will win or who is better. I have noticed this is wars such as World War 2. German tanks were definitely superior compared to all of the american and British tanks such as the sherman. But the sheer numbers of our tanks overwhelmed the quality of the german tanks. But in the battle of Bastogne(?) the quality of the american ground forces equipment and experience of men practically destroyed all momentum in the Ardennes offensive. And in the spartan 300. They were hopelessly outnumbered by the thousands but the sheer quality and experience of the spartans really just destroyed all of the persian momentum, morality etc. Although that is a different case since they were overwhelmed as we all know but all that they accomplished against those odds seems as a victory to me.

Well besides that little rant of mine I want to know what your favorite game type is and why?