OK. I've been trying to get my wife's gun all setup and ready for Saturday. Issue after issue. Got my rt tuned up and working great even after its long hibernation. Not for the far newer gun. Bought a minimag, IFrame, and screw in 850psi output hpa tank. First I fill the tank and the nipple leaks. Drain. the tank and pull the nipple. Oring pinched. Replaced it with an automag on off oring. Works like a champ now. Then get air on the gun. Trigger pull feels stiffer than I remember. But its been a while. Pull the trigger. And nothing. Just springs back out. I've checked the sear pin and it is adjusted correct. It has an rt on off in it. And some odd after marked velocity adjust thumb screw. I hooked my adjustable tank to the gun with no luck. All orings and everything in the air valve are clean as can be. Only things I'm down to is..... bolt lodged somehow? But no air seeps down the barrel with trigger pulled. Not enough psi getting through the classic regulator for some reason? Anything I'm missing?