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Thread: G7 vert frame for pneumag?

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    G7 vert frame for pneumag?

    I might be in a position to get a good condition vert frame for an angel G7 for not a lot. Obviously there's going to be a lot of work to do before this could work on a mag, but has anyone actually tried such a thing? Is the fastener pitch right? how about fitting pneumatics/lpr in? any comments?

    Low prices and pretty nice ergos might be a good motivator to make me do more futzing to get it going, but I'd love to hear that it'd been done before...

    Any and all suggestions appreciated...

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    not sure about the G7 specifically, but if its the same shape as other Angel vert frames then you may want to do a search for Renie, i know i have seen him crank out 3-4 angel vert pneumag frames that turned out looking really great.

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    ok, will do, thanks. I "think" it's the same shape... better check that too...

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    Thanks for the info and the leads.

    I also found this:

    If I had a magic wand/way more hands on experience than I have, I'd personally aim for a glossier finish, and that I'd curve the front face of the foregrip and make it a shade shorter, but in a general sense, that picture basically defines what I want to do.

    In my little magical kingdom I'd start with an M90, but those are pretty scarce/expensive. I think I'll maybe take a stab with that angel frame. It's probably affordable enough that if I butcher it I can probably manage to think of it as a learning experience.

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    Ok, looks like this could be worth a shot. Still sorting out the trigger ( included or not) but if so ill take the chance...

    I do have one big technical concern though:

    Any suggestions on how to do a safety?

    I'm sure this comes up with more generic pneumag setups too

    With two or three mm of travel (which might be in an odd part of the trigger stroke) can a standard mag safety work?

    Any anecdotes/ suggestions appreciated

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