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Thread: Anyone else sober... All the time?

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    Question Anyone else sober... All the time?

    I don't drink. Never did. Not sure why. I was just real late to the party and one day it just became part of my identity. I became "the sober guy". I figured eventually it would stop being a big deal, that as I got older my contemporaries would sober up a bit and the distinction would fade. I'm turning 35 this year and that eventuality has failed to materialize. And I don't think it's that I just happen to associate with a bunch of drunks.

    I own a family entertainment center (a bowling alley) where we do not have a bar. As a consequence it is exceedingly difficult to build and retain adult bowling leagues. To the point where we are probably scrapping them next year in favor of being able to do more private birthday parties. It seems to me that every social activity in adult life is centered around the availability of alcohol. That maybe why I enjoy paintball as much as I do.

    I don't mean this as a criticism of anyone who does drink. Even the people I inferred above are by and large responsible social drinkers (most of the time).

    So on to the titular question. I can count on thee fingers the number of adults I know that sober all the time. Two of them are in recovery. One of them is just not a social person at all. So are any of you always Sober? If so, why?

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    dont even know what any type of alcohol tastes like.

    nor have I ever smoked or done any kind of drugs.

    all my friends are stoners

    oh and as for why, I've seen peoples lives ruined by drugs and my mom had a thing for alcoholic abusive rolemodels for me. I never want to find out who I become when I drink. I've seen the worst in people and I've nursed many people back from dangerously drunken states

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    I'm sober all the time lately. Don't like it, but I am.

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    ive been more sober than not since having kids, but i do enjoy a whisky on the rocks to unwind occasionally.

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    Never drank, smoked, or done drugs. Just never saw a point in it. That is an expense I don't need. Good money that could go elsewhere. Don't really drink soda or buy much junk food either. Idk. Just not me. And I'm about to be 31. My motorcycle. And now paintball again. Can eat my spare money. I do agree. Alcohol does dictate where a lot of my friends are willing to go at times.

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    I went from stillin' my own liquor and brewing my own beer to zero alcohol for about 5 1/2 months now. I was having two pints a night and maybe a few sips of the old 180 shine... and now nothing. It sucks. Wish I had a homebrew right now and it's 2:30AM here. It's not that I crave it or need it or addicted or anything... I just love kicking back with an ice cold homebrew and pondering how awesome I am for creating something so tasty. I imagine that's how Chuck Norris feels all the time.

    When I get on home on R+R here in 2 weeks, I'm going spend almost all the time eating chipotle, shooting, and golfing/boozing. Then it'll be back to no drinks or chipotle for several more months.

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