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wasnt that what she posted in the thread that the bodies would be redone and swapped out? before all the ranting even started? they didnt really get a chance to figure out what the next move was, knowing that some customers would be upset with the bodies shipped the way they were shipped or redoing the bodies and making the customers wait??

so now your back to being a PTP customer? sorry this happened to ya but throwing a company under tha bus didnt have to happen did it? or bringing the auto cocker body drama over to the automag forum didnt have to happen did it?

what a bummer man???
Did you not read what I posted? I stated I was fine waiting for the bodies to be swapped...UNTIL I received mine. How would you feel about getting a new body kit you paid $450 for arrive sitting in a plastic bag protecting it? I was pretty pissed like every normal person would be, how am I throwing PTP under the bus? How am I creating drama? Did I create this thread? No, I posted in it showing in photos the level of packaging.

After speaking with Tracy on phone, she let me know a few things outside her control that happened, and some of the reasons a few of the guns were shipped how mine was, After explaining everything, and working something out, yes, I am happier, isn't that how it is supposed to work? Consumer purchases a product, consumer complains, either company fixes, or doesn't fix.

I've owned quite a few PTP mags and a cocker or two, I was unaware of the machinest and prior problems, just going by the mags from them I've owned and how much I liked shooting them.

Tell me how I threw PTP under the bus, and why don't you ***** at the OP for bring the drama of an autococker to an automag forum...geez, go have a glass of milk or something.