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Thread: G-Force 68Super

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    G-Force 68Super

    Yes, the magical pneumatic gun from G-Force, who did the pneu-frames for the Automag. I found a whole bunch of videos on an old computer, two of which were from the old G-Force website.

    Anyone know whatever happened to these guns? They seemed freaking sweet.

    Firing demo:

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    Here are the guts:

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    I think they ran out of money to develop it further, It took Garf an age to finish the G-Force frames and then proceeded to rip a fair few people off that had paid for parts that never materialised, myself being one of them. Full of hot air they were, their RC helicopter site is still up but I'm not sure they're still in business.

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    Oh... That's crazy. I owned one of their Gemini kits for the Autococker at one point. Cool little invention. Had a 6-way and two LPR's, one to control the rear pressure, and one to control the forward. The idea was you could set the forward pressure so low that you wouldn't chop. It worked really well.

    Seems like he was an intelligent designer. Shame things turned out the way they did.

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    Sounds like a sweet design for a autococker.

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    It was. It worked really well. I think I had the pull pressure down to somewhere between 15 and 25 psi. Never popped a ball, and I short stroke Autocockers HORRIBLY at any high ROF.

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