Me and the wife played yesterday at what looks like is gonna be a pretty nice private field. Wife's first time ever playing. A friends nephew wanted to get in to playing. But no local field. So he got in contact with some local businesses about getting big spools. Set them up in a lightly wooded area on his property. I already own an old light chrony. And I have a scuba and they have co2 hookups. First time on the field there were 5 of us for the day. 2 experienced from years past. 2 rookies that have played before but not a lot. And my wife that had never played. The field could use some thorn bush and brush clearing since it is too small with no big trees to be a real woods field. And a few more spools. That way its more of a wooded speedball field. But for a first run. It worked out quite well. 3 hours of playing reminded me why I loved this sport to began with. At one point it was 2 on 3. Me and the field owner. He went right and I went left. My cross fire pushed 2 of the opponent's in to my teammates fire. So then we worked around each side for my wife. Teammate got the shot. He was trying for her gun but got her forehead. She was a real good sport about it. Didn't whine cry or anything. Just asked if there was a welp. So now it looks like my paint bill will go up. She did however love the minimag. She couldn't figure out why everyone else commented about the weight. Said on the field she didn't notice it at all. My Only complaint for the whole day was the crappy paint I was using. No chops. But it would break halfway down the barrel. Or just go poof 10 feet out of the barrel. Even when all clean the paint had nasty curve to it. Temp was high 50s. So I know that didn't help. But never again will I buy xball paint. Temps dictated my paint as I couldn't get any mailed to me due to weather. Couldn't risk it freezing in transport. So my only option was going to Dix sporting goods and buying the "best" stuff they had.

Sorry for the rambling. Just thought I would share.