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Thread: Blue/Purple Classic RT 'Mag for sale only

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    Blue/Purple Classic RT 'Mag for sale only

    Needs tweaking/tuning...never got around to fiddling with it's collecting dust...needs someone to breathe life back into it...this beast won 'Mag of the Month a while back, and I have added some finishing touches to it since that time (grips, PF plug, revy shells, etc)

    comes complete, as shown, with KAPP Grip panels, Data Pimp drop, Flatline tank (out of hydro, of course) as well as a set of blue/purple Revy shells (no internals) to comeplete it...handful of spare parts, and partially used rebuild kit inclided as well...

    Looking for $300 OBO shipped and paypal'd in the US

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    Classic hotness with a touch of Barney throwing paint down range :-P

    I love my classic... I need to use it more. GL selling!

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