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Thread: Level 10 bolt and pump kit

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    Level 10 bolt and pump kit

    Sorry, my google-fu on this one is weak.

    Is the Level 10 bolt compatible with the pump kit? Or are they not compatible?

    Before you ask: I played a pump/pistol event a few weeks ago, and the paint was the most brittle I have ever seen. The high pressure blast from my Trracer was enough to break at least half the paint I tried to shoot out of it. I put it in my T9.1 and it blew up in there as well.

    My thinking is the LX bolt, which already fires at a lower pressure, might have soft enough early-cycle acceleration to keep such brittle paint from breaking.

    Can't tell if it would work with a pump kit; intuitively, they appear incompatible.
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    From what I've read, yes. And no.

    You can get it to work (there are people who have claimed to do it), but it takes more fiddling to keep it from leaking, since the point of a pump kit is to keep the bolt from fully resetting.

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    Schrodinger's Pump

    Yeah, I'm trying to work the mechanics out in my head.

    The key is for the on/off to stay off.

    That means the bolt needs to reliably, consistently stick in a way that holds the sear down, thus the on/off is kept off. And stays that way until the pump forcibly actuates it.

    Maybe a longer trigger pin will help with this...

    Or a tweaked ULT...

    Unsure if the increased LX bolt spring interacts any differently with the wave spring either...

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    i run a xvalve in mine

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    There was something about this recently. I seem to remember someone saying that you need to ground down the back of the powertube tip a little, so your carrier sits a tiny bit farther forward. This way, the exhaust hole on the bolt is still closed off when the bolt is locked onto the sear, but being pushed forward by the wave spring. I'm pretty sure it was AThomas who was talking about it.

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    can flipping the carrier over fix that? it would change the location of of the o-ring with out having to grind down a the power tube tip, or possibly put a couple shims in before the carrier if that moved the o-ring up to much?

    its just a question that hopefully someone will answer...its not something ive tried or heard about being done tho?

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