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Bring out different milled rails and body's with updated feed necks and detents.bring back y frames and matching annoed x-valves,they don't have to create a totally new marker but rather update a few things.there is a large crowd of younger folks that don't even know what a automag is.(make what is old new again)I guess I'm just being too hopeful. :-) :-)
IIRC, it took them YEARS to finally get rid of the Y frames because they sold so poorly. There are several companies offering bodies, rails and frames already which is something that is usually handled by the aftermarket. Do Dye or Kee offer body kits or custom frames for their markers?

One area that I would strongly agree that updates could be done is in regards to colors. But then you get into what colors sell, which don't? And if you start anodizing the valves, you have to have matching bodies and what happens if people start ordering clown markers with red valves, purple bodies and green frames? So I get that aspect of it because if you make everything black, it all matches. And lets be honest, Mag are probably used more so in woodsball games than tourney, so black is probably a better choice for most.

My .02