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Thread: WTB: ULE Body, Black Intelliframe, RT rail - Let me know if you can help.

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    WTB: ULE Body, Black Intelliframe, RT rail - Let me know if you can help.

    Looking for the parts listed in the Title...

    ULE Body
    Intelliframe (black)
    RT rail....possibly others

    Possibly some other mag part...also some info would be appreciated as I'm taking the learn as I go approach.

    This will be my first mag project...about 10 yrs ago I owned a minimag. I'm just looking to build something up piece by piece...seeing some real nice mags out there, so props to you guys. I don't have a whole lot of a decent/fair deal would be appreciated. As far as trades go...just throwing these out there.


    -I have a couple older cockers...dont know much about them. One is Blue black fade with double trigger, The other is a pretty stock looking with green body.
    -Ninja Pro regulator
    -Like new HB Baby Blue frames and brand new bottoms w/ strap
    -Blue IZE flex - complete
    -have a few other misc. proflex parts
    -Pretty worn black Dye I4s

    Random trade items...
    -Samsung BD5700 bluray player
    -Archery Gear

    Anyways, Let me know...Thanks

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    I have a great condition intelliframe in black and rt rail. Pm me if interested.

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    I have three black Intelliframes (good to very good condition) and a black ULE Body (AGD Detent, Stock Feedneck in good to very good condition)

    PM me

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    I have a black intelliframe as well as automag bodies and other random stuff:

    Would be willing to trade that ninja reg for the intelli + some cash if its the reg only. Otherwise if its the reg and a 68/4500 tank, id be willing to pay cash for the difference.

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    Hi, I got a nice black intelliframe I can let go for $65.00 shipped to anywhere in the continental USA. PM me if interested.

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    I've gotten a lot of nice offers....keep the offers coming. I probably be purchasing here pretty soon, just wanna see what other deals are out there. Thanks.

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