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Thread: Account validated! Time for an intro?

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    Account validated! Time for an intro?

    Meet and greet seemed like the right place for this...maybe not.

    Anyway, glad to be a member here. After over a decade in paintball I can finally say I'm a mag owner. I've spent most of my time in the "service" dodging them (I picked the cocker side of war so many years ago) I've finally joined the dark side. I've owned and/or shot most every type of paintball gun, but I can honestly say I've never owned or shot a mag. When I was working in Wichita, KS I met a guy who called himself my "evil twin"...for every mag he had, I had a cocker to answer. He sparked my interest and a forum member here put his EgoMag up for sale and I'm now it's proud new owner. I haven't received it yet...but I have high hopes.

    I'm sure I'll have questions as I get into this, but just wanted to say hi!

    This is the gun I bought:

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