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Thread: What mask for glasses?

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    What mask for glasses?

    I usually wear my contacts when I play, but thought about wearing my glasses. Any thoughts? I currently have a Vforce Profiler and they are alright.

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    Events have a lot of space, you could use those and cut some slits for the earpieces. Another exceptionally comfy mask is the Sly Profit, wearing a pair of Profit's is like shoving your face into some big cleavage- They're amazingly comfortable and snug up to your face in a way that just wants to make you pass out. Sadly, the profits have a pretty bad dampening factor on your yelling to team mates.

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    The Profiler was good. Other masks that are good are the Proflex Revolution, Events and Eflex. I always wear my glasses when I play and these masks are very roomy around the lens and comfortable to wear with glasses. Their large ear protection gives more comfort since the strap ins't squeezing my ears against my glasses frames.

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    Profiler, Events, Eflex

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