Today, my 12 year old son played his first game of paintball and he loved it! I was worried he'd be overwhelmed by intense ramping and aggressive gameplay and then never want to play again.

However, we were able to be joined up with a birthday party with a healthy mix of teenaged boys and girls. I have suspicions of a high school dance group date going on too, though I never asked. The field owner thought that too.

In the third game, my son got his first elimination when he was getting bunkered by two players at the end of the game. He shot the one out, switched sides, and almost got the other one too but he got hit instead. I was so proud of him as I watched from the dead box.

He had a good time playing with my wife's ULE Automag, who said we'd pay if we "broke it". My only regret was that we forgot to bring the camera to document his first day.