I recently completed a minimag pistol and it seems great! But I currently have no standard psi tank as I am waiting for a standard reg to install on my 70/45. But I decided to test it out on my other high pressure tank that is a 90/45 with around 1100-1300 psi input directly into the valve. It seemed to shoot fine for around the first 2 shots but on the third it started to hiss out air and I think the Level 7 bolt may have stuck forward. It hissed air out at a crazy loud amount. This has happened numerous times where it seemed to have been in a perfect chrono with all my friends standard tanks that I have borrowed. This got me wondering if my psi input was to much. So what is the standard classic valve rated for or normally work at? I know it says it is rated at 3000 psi but I seem to have trouble using the valve with a crazy high input. This is no serious problem and I will have a standard psi tank in by the end of the week. I just want to see what the problem is.