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NOTICE : I am not the owner of these guns, I do have them in my hands and I am responsible for it condition and shipping etc. The owners are selling, if they gets what they are looking for from the guns. They are not in a rush to sell it, and has no need to sell it other than they no longer play.


This one is a Jewel, Trauma Freeflow Gen-E Matrix - I ran thought it, All new o-rings, I had to fix the pinched Eye wires, and the shop or person that did the eye install didn't exactly do the most clean of "mill" work for the eyes. I cleaned that up, fixed the wires, etc. The FGP was rebuilt and was working way better than the LPR that was on it ( it will be included ), Cp Trigger, CP Inline Reg. The bolt looks to be a Stock DM3 bolt as near as I can tell.

This is a great shooting gun, you will see in video at full get even with the eyes off it shot great. The body is in great shape, If I didn't have a DM3 in the collection already I would buy this myself.

Gun Left
Gun Milling

Trauma-Freeflow-Shooting - YouTube

Asking $350 (Owner has final say on selling price)


Angel LED Silver Gray Fade Splash w/ Barrel

This gun works, it had a noid leak which I fixed by replacing the orings on the noid holder ( What ever WDP called that thing LOL ), new AGD Detent a few new orings here and there.

Battery is kaput, but it shot to velocity. I can get a new battery made for it ( That would be an extra $45 to the price of the gun )

The owner didn't have a charger for it, it has been well used but no major cosmetic issues.

Ok The Bad : Needs a breach Knob, Need the battery and that should be it.

I didn't have a tester for the reg pressure but it was reasonable over the chrono.

Pictures :

Left Side

I can take more if needed.

Asking $150 (Owner has final say on selling price)

*I might have a charger for this in my bin of old stuff in my storage, if I have one and it works we can discuss it's sale with the gun*


Thanks for looking, I would like to re pete that these are not mine, the owners are not pressed to sell, as they don't play anymore they are just looking to clear up garage space. So keep that in mind when you make me an offer, and none of this "What is your lowest?" crap, make an offer.