So i have been working on my Electro mag for a while and everything i do dosent seem to work, so i need to know if i have everything set up right as far as the body/rail goes .. basically i have a ULE body, X-valve with lvl 10, and a STOCK Rail ... i see all these posts about ULE milling and X-valve milling. everything bolts up and looks normal with the stock rail as it is, im just wondering if thats my problem. Ive built a pnuemag frame, ego frame with electro/pnuematic set-up, i have a tank that is outputting 850 psi, and the gun barely shoots, its like its starved for pressure, but an 850 psi tank with the valve cranked up should shoot a little harder that 145 fps. this happened with both the classic and X-valve. I have always been a cocker guy when it comes to the older markers, so when it comes to mags, im going to need some help here.