I still see quite a few posts complaining about Mag efficiency. This seems funny to me because I thought this was all settled years ago. While RT based Mags will never be able to "shoot to the bottom of the tank" there is a very easy, though not very fashionable, way to improve efficiency:

10" un-ported barrel.

I just picked up a 10" fibur from Deadlywind and requested no porting. First time testing it and on top of being inordinately loud, it chrono'ed at 340fps. Last time I had the marker out it was sporting a Freak with the first porting about 6" down the barrel. Having no porting for the full 10" allowed me to back the velocity adjuster way out to get back down to 280.

Apologizes to the large percentage of this community that already knew this. It's apparent that many people do not. The ball stops accelerating at the first port in a barrel. That means that barrels with porting at 5 and 6 inches need a much higher volume of air to get up to speed. No Porting = Longer Effective Length = Less Air Needed = Higher Efficiency. Of course people that don't like their marker to sound like a hand cannon can achieve the same effect by using barrels that have longer unported sections.

TK recommends 8-10 inches. His original thread discussing this can be found here: