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Thread: ***R&D Thread: Aluminum 1 Piece Cap'd Valve Body

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    Cool ***R&D Thread: Aluminum 1 Piece Cap'd Valve Body

    Here it is again...Valve only discussion please!

    Feel free to add your thoughts. I think it should be based on the following design but 1 piece. If you are interested and have some money to burn then let me know and we will start a list. If not feel free to add your positive thoughts and constructive criticism.

    This would basically be a valve body with the following:
    (Classic style) Theaded front dump chamber
    On/Off hole
    Fieldstrip hole
    1-3? - female NPTs (2 side & 1 rear)

    The other option is a cap that originally cost me $35...

    This was from when I tried to do what I coined as the Hacked Valve needed more attention to detail as it had pin hole leaks.

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    i think you could kill the back thinkness of the valve if it is a one peice, the area where the cap screws in would be enough to hold the preasure, if we are talking one peice."You play stupid games, you get stupid prizes." RU

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    Ive been wanting to do this myself for years. Then a few years ago I saw Deus' thread on the caps and thought it would have taken off shortly after. My opinion, it wouldn't be hard to make this function with a solid valve. In other words, no cap. Just a new valve machined without the threads for the regulator. My, thoughts since have mostly been on cleanliness. If done like the original design, there has to be a passage drilled to get the air to the top of the on/off. Not a hard task to tackle, but then you would have to put a plug of some sort on the rear of the valve. Not, the clean look I would want. My thought was to instead drill that channel from the inside of the dump chamber and plug it there. Ive not taken the time to remove the power tube on any of my classic valves. So, im not positive that this is feasible. Until myself, or someone else does so and takes some measurements I'll remain hopeful at least.

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    Is there a picture from the other side?

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    As I've made clear in the other thread. I'm all for a front half that is as minimalist as possible. Basically just the dump chamber. On off. And a npt. Just waiting on his final design and price. Then it will be a matter of my funds at the time this comes up to order. Or preorder as I would assume it to be. But also as stated. If this will be an actual capped stock style just made out of al I'm out totally from the get go.

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    I said it twice in the other thread and I guess ill say it here too, how are you going to mill the ports for the on off with a one piece design? Its done from the back of the valve.

    You cant go in from the front or you'll have a pretty good leak, can't go in from the inlet air because its not high enough or even close to being in line. It has to come from the back... open up a valve and peek around at it, you'll see.

    Edit, Also, the only feasible way, is how agd already has it set up, with a small cap on the back... think about it.... the air comes in from the side, it goes backwards into the valve, then forward through the on off... even if you found a way to connect the on off port for air, how would you get air to it? The ports for the charge air and on off don't line up, unless they've made some new flexible drill bit I'm unaware of to drill a 90* hole half way in the valve.
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    I'm actually good with three npt inlets. 2 side and one rear. Rear would be useful if anyone used it for a pump with 12gs as it would alllow for a rear facing gauge. Drilling from the dump chamber might be an idea as well, it could be plugged and loctited. Could make the rear hole optional.
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