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Thread: ***R&D Thread: Aluminum 1 Piece Cap'd Valve Body

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    Cool ***R&D Thread: Aluminum 1 Piece Cap'd Valve Body

    Here it is again...Valve only discussion please!

    Feel free to add your thoughts. I think it should be based on the following design but 1 piece. If you are interested and have some money to burn then let me know and we will start a list. If not feel free to add your positive thoughts and constructive criticism.

    This would basically be a valve body with the following:
    (Classic style) Theaded front dump chamber
    On/Off hole
    Fieldstrip hole
    1-3? - female NPTs (2 side & 1 rear)

    The other option is a cap that originally cost me $35...

    This was from when I tried to do what I coined as the Hacked Valve needed more attention to detail as it had pin hole leaks.

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