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Thread: just an idea..

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    Quote Originally Posted by RehKal View Post
    The mats are in the range of $20-$25 a piece not including the distributed setup fee, which is how it'll be cheaper the more we order. Very rough estimate on setup is $400 (with no image it is -very- hard to get setup costs) which breaks down to $8 over a 50 piece run of mats. So in total, maybe $30-$40 a mat depending on setup costs.

    The mats are solid molded rubber. Visit a local bar/restaurant with bar and see if they have rubber mats on their bar to see what you think, it's the same thing I'm talking about. We could get them without all the nibs for holding spilled drink to preserve the parts diagram. The guy I spoke with also suggested going with a thinner rubber (1/4") instead of standard thickness to help cut down costs. We could probably have some depressions put along top/bottom to hold small parts like screws an stuff too.
    I'd do $30-$40 no problem. Depressions would be fine but you could also just use a bowl, etc, so they aren't really necessary. Keep us posted.

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    I would be down for two at that price range.

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    sign me up for one

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    im down for two, as long as they are hi quality"You play stupid games, you get stupid prizes." RU

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    Did this ever happen?

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    did I miss the work mat moustash? I want big one . AGD is all about the Stach. If I can I'll out furry TK himself.
    I took the road least where the hell am I ?

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