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Thread: A first time for everything

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    A first time for everything

    So thought I would share a first for me at the paintball field today. First a little background as to why it was a first. I first played paintball in 1990 and have been playing regularly since 1994. I have seen may things on an off the paintball field and I have heard hundreds of paintball stories about all kinds of paintball related events. But what happened to day was a first for me.

    Today was the largest game of the year in my area, usually around 250 people show up. It is a large scenario game. My team is one of the fields home teams, we have been playing and helping there as long as it has been in operation. As one of the field teams we carry a "player ref" badge. Usually never have to use it and most of the time it is little disagreements that we have to solve. I think I have only had to use it a couple other times. So here is what happened today. A player showed up that is well know as a guy that shouldn't be playing paintball, he has been kicked out of events in the past and when he shows up most players that know him usually will usually say something like " oh great look who's here" or " wonder what kind of trouble we are going to have with him this time." He ended up playing on the side that my team was playing on. So the game starts and we are about 15 min. in and me and 5 other of my team mates just took a large base on the field and we were exchanging a little fire with a couple people left in out lying bunkers. This player that we have had trouble with comes running up in to the base we just took and starts demanding that we follow him to where he thinks we should go. We were just ignoring him but he kept just telling us to follow him, I finally said "no and that we were fine with what we were doing". He wouldn't take no for an answer he just kept telling us to go the way he wanted to go. I again spoke up and said "he could go that way but we were not," this exchange went back and forth a couple times. This whole time we were still busy shooting at players out in other bunkers. Then it happened. I hear "F--- You" behind me and he shot me in the back. At first I didn't know what happened I asked the guy next to me who just shot me? He told me it was that player that I just told no. So took out my player ref card and told him he needed to leave the field and go talk to the field owner he then used several expletives and called me "patronizing and condescending." I again told him to leave the field or he was going to be done for the day. Now I did use several expletives myself by this point and he then said that my player ref card didn't mean "S---" to him.

    I was having gun problems anyways(new mag haven't worked out the kinks yet) so I left the field after he walked away and went and spoke with the field owner, he then sent all of his refs to find him and pull him from the game. So a long story short I don't think I have ever seen a player react like that. I don't know how a person even arrives to the conclusion that shooting someone in the back because he wasn't doing what he wanted you to do was a good idea. I have heard about the tempers on speed ball fields but this was a first for me. Just thought I would share, maybe vent a bit.

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    well thats just lovely.

    Its a shame that from time to time we all have to deal with people who obviously have no idea how to handle themselves. The last large scenario game of last year i watched some guy PUNCH one of the players on my team in the mask/face as a result of an argument. Things got even uglier from there.

    Some people just loose sight of the fact this this is a game and should be treated as such!

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    He should be permanently banned from the field. Not sure if there are other fields in the area, but he should be blackballed. Crap like this is a cancer and should be excised.

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    We all have "that guy" who shows up to our local fields from time to time. The one time I had this happen was at the largest field in my area and we had a few hundred people there that day. So the day goes on as usual until around 1 or 2 when this hoodlum guy shows up with no cash at all. So my field owner being the generous friendly guy he is gave him a rental and free paint to give him a good day. So later on this guy gets sent back for charging a team with his mask off mid game. So he goes back up to the staging area and goes to one table sets down his rental, walks up to another and picks up 2 guns off of a table (which happened to be custom anodized DM12's and Dye Rotor's that were VERY recognizable) and continues to walk down to the fields again. A ref notices and the players who notice their guns are stoled rather calmly report their markers are missing, tell the owner to make sure anyone with the matching marker descriptions don't leave the field. They come back, wait and see the guy still carrying both markers walk back up there. They along with some ref's approach him about it, he throws some big fit. He is taken to my field owner while he was talking with me and some friends about his auto-cocker and the classics and pulls him aside to talk to him. Eventually the guy throws another fit, threatens to kill the owner and attempts to imply he is armed and slams the owners phone on the ground while yelling. By the time this has happened me and my friends had a small crowd gathered around us asking what was happening and some were airing up their markers in case the guy was armed. Once the hoodlum is calmly asked to leave and even offered a ride, he takes off with some rentals. As soon as that happened me and a small group of the more in shape players go sprinting after him with some ref's and a few ATV's. We later take him down with the help of the local sheriffs dogs.

    This was all within a time period of 2 hours or so and the owner was grateful. It was an interesting day, we dont take threats likely and now the owner carries a firearm some days but always has a small cache of firearms in his Pro-shop. Probably wont be seeing that guy again.

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    Sounds like he was an only child.

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    i got to say i have never had a really bad experience at any paintball field, at least nothing close to what you guys have.

    only ones that come to mind, is when we were playing at an outlaw field. there was a small group of guys that were running their markers hot, id say waaaay above the 300. we figured on this because even from a good distance one of the guys shot my friend and it broke skin. after that game we asked that small group(very nicely and polite) if they would chrono the markers they were using. two guys had brought a chrono, everyone had chrono their markers except this small group. everyone in the group said no, we said no problem we will just not include you guys in any more games, they just played on smaller portion of fields while the rest of everyone that was really cool played on bigger area.

    another two times was my fault, first time playing at this field. one guy got pissed off at me on the field, started yelling, i had no idea he was yelling at me. his buddy tells him hey if he is out and does not want to get off the field light him up. he had shot me, shot the marker, well this was when i first started playing and most guys i played with, marker/hopper shots did not count had to be body shot. i told them this after and everything was cool. another i saw a guy across the field and he is craning his neck, like looking around, i let out five-seven shots his way pretty much hit him, he was out already and standing on the sides. he yelled after i went up to him and let him know my bad, eveything was cool.

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    One of my teammates accidentally hit me in the back of my scrotum once during practice and I shot him a few times.

    This was quite a while back - I was wearing a pair of Renegades (camouflage pants) and they are much more thin material than the paintball pants that people wear now, and fit like a pair of jeans. We were practicing, I leaned out in a squat with one leg extended from behind a laydown. He tripped or stumbled or something as he was running to the stander behind it and the jackass had his finger on the trigger; he put one right into the back of my bag.

    I gave the same sort of yelp that a dog does when you step on its tail, play stopped and a few people started coming over. In the mean time he's laughing is arse off and in the process accidentally lets off a few more shots into god knows where, meanwhile I'm lying on the ground turning purple.

    As soon as I could breath but before he stopped laughing I unleashed about 5-10 shots into his chest.

    Not my proudest moment, but well deserved. It was practice anyway.

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    Well I shot one of our players square in the cock with three shots Saturday in game. But it was clean shooting. He screamed like a little girl though.

    As for the OP. That's nuts. This is a game. We are all here to have fun.

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