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Thread: Micro Emag problems...

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    Micro Emag problems...

    Have got myself a Micro Emag. I'm most for mechanical markers but because this also works without batteries, I made an exception. Want some advice and answers before I start fiddling too much.

    It has not been used for some years, has been a collectors marker and been sitting on a wall

    I have cleaned the board and all connectors. Yes, I was very careful.

    Have checked the battery and it stays charged for a few hours.

    The display will light up to show 3.0 and then it turns off.
    If the board was fried, it would not do this, or?

    If anyone can help me I would be grateful for help...

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    Is the screen completely blank, or is there a period "." ?

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    The LED display doesn't stay showing any information. This is to conserve battery power. You can turn it back on and display the settings by hitting the top button on the back of the grip frame.

    If the board itself does power off after it initially turns on, then the battery is probably dead or the grounding post is corroded. The grounding post was a problem spot on several older guns due to annodize and aluminum oxidization. It is the center mounting post where the screw fastens the board to the frame. You can fix this by running a tap into the screw hole and by sanding the top of the post to expose the metal. Given that the age of the marker is old and the battery was probably not charged for a long period of time, the battery plates inside are most likely oxidized and it probably doesn't have much capacity left. I would replace the pack with a new one. They can be built rather inexpensively these days, with much greater capacity than the original.
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    When I connect the battery, the screen blinks 3.0 (half a second) and then it turns off. I have also checked that the trigger magnet is not too close to the frame ... which apparently can cause the board not to boot.

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    Thanks athomas, I'll check the grounding post. The battery is actually a pack from batteriesplus but it's from 2009, but I'll buy / build a new one. I will keep you posted on my progress.
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    I built 9v x 2 batteries in series and cleaned the grounding post, it works. Thanks again athomas "Of course it works-its AGD".

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    Nice gun. Does it have a level 10 bolt? I suspect it does, but if it doesn't or if you use one from another gun, you may have to sand down the outer diameter of the front lip of the bolt. The micromags have a smaller breach diameter than other mags, so a level 10 bolt can be tight. But, it is easily fixed with a bit of sand paper.

    When you charge the battery, let it stay on the charger overnight. Even though the charger says it is charged, it still might not be.

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