Hey guys I've got a blue and red 3-man starter field from airups, used just one season about 10 times.

Haven't used it in over a year so I've decided to let it go.

Field includes:

12 Bunkers
2 Tomstones 4'x5'x15" (red/blue)
2 Bricks 3'x3'x15"(red/blue)
4 3'x5' Cylinders(red/blue)
2 2.5'x5' Cylinders(red/blue)
2 Wedges(red/blue)
1 30ft Snake (Blue/black)
2 Bricks 3'x3'x15" (Blue/Black)


Price: 600 OBO

I'd prefer to sell it locally but could figure out shipping, of course it'd cost a little extra.

Field is located in Eastern NC and could setup an appointment if interested.