Hey guys, just wanted to get some opinions on a few ideas I have. Ive been going back and forth on like 5-6 different ideas and quite honestly Im getting a headache over it, as I think this is a pretty big decision on a gun.

My initial thought was a pretty loud ano job, lime green and blue splash. This is still in my top 3 I'd like to do.

Then I saw the "space mag" that was just posted, awesome. I have always been a fan of pewter/black chrome. So then a new idea spawned and this is the main one ive been debating on. So here is my ideas on this.

To not completely steal the look of the other gun, by using grey and pewter. I was thinking of using only pewter, then using gloss finish and dust finish to accent the gun. My problem is figuring out which parts to dust and which to keep gloss? Ive already contacted LMG and Ano-Tech, if I only use the 1 color and the dust to break up the gun it pretty much cuts the cost in half, $130 for both places on a one color job. I have the resources and tools to send the gun in 100% prepped for either finish, so thats where about $80 gets taken off the job. Because I got quoted around $200-$220 if they blasted the parts and prepped them.

What do you guys think would look good? And do you think the use of gloss and dust with the same color would "break up" the look enough?

this is what I was thinking...

Body, feedneck body, Freak front, On/off asa, RT Pro valve back, Blade trigger (maybes are, LPR, Mini rail)

Intelliframe, CP detent, collar and clamp parts on feedneck, Emag rail, Emag sight rail (if I can find one), Vert asa, Foregrip, (maybes are, LPR, Mini rail)

I just cant picture it, I cant tell if the gun will look like a one color blob, or if the accents will have a good effect on the gun? any thoughts?