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Thread: Emag won't shoot in electro mode

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    Emag won't shoot in electro mode

    First of all, I am using a classic valve with level x tuned for a different body/rail/grip. But the emag valve needs a complete rebuild, guy obviously used co2 and turned all the orings into goop.

    So here's what is happening. Using two fresh nine volts together in a series, (18.5 volts), the board boots up. Heck, the marker even pulls the solenoid down if you push the solenoid up, when the gun isn't aired up.

    That's as far as we get for the good. Wen the gun is in electro mode, once I pull the trigger the board goes blank. And when the gun is aired up the solenoid does nothing. The hall sensor appears to work, as the board will not turn on when the trigger is pulled back. With the trigger forward, the board will blink the pixel. With the trigger pulled back, the pixel does not blink.

    The trigger pull also seems to be rather heavy when the gun is in manual. Manipulating the sear when the gun is not aired up is also similarly stiff.

    Can anyone please help me with this major problem?

    Here's a picture of the board and noid,

    Here's a picture of the selector switch from the top, in case that matters.

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    Do you hear the noid attempt to click when it's aired up? Have you broken this thing down yet to give it a deep clean and to check for damage?

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    No and no. Guess I will

    I was really worried about messing up the timing. What should I not unscrew?

    edit: also, what would damage look like.

    The noid DID click when the gun was not aired up, and the plunger in the noid was moved up, and then the trigger was pulled. It did pull the plunger down.

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    I'm not sure emag lowers have the oomph needed to cycle a classic valve... Perhaps someone with more experience could confirm or dispel that?

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    I got the sear assembly out. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be looking for. There is some crap on it. I cleaned it.

    Now here is where it gets interesting.

    Without the gun being aired up, the solenoid vigorously clicks once it has been moved up. The sear assembly even moves fluidly within the solenoid. HOWEVER, once the sear is screwed into the rail, the stickiness returns.

    I am guessing that the sear assembly is slightly bent. How can I find out which direction it is bent, where it is bent, and then unbend it?

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    With the gun aired up, the c-clip DOES rise into what I assume is the correct position. and when I pull the trigger the gun does nothing. No click. No air - solenoid clicks, quite vigorously, even with what I assume is a bend. With the gun aired up, no click.

    The solenoid does appear to work. Just not when the gun is aired up :P

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