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    Carbon Fiber Body

    I have been working on a full Carbon fiber body with clamping feed neck and autococker threads. So what do you think? [ATTACH=CONFIG]87662
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    nice idea,
    but you need to reinforce things,
    and that feedneck look alittle, not right.

    but good prgress.
    but definently has been thought of before."You play stupid games, you get stupid prizes." RU

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    What needs to be reinforced? The feed neck is the same as a CCM angel thread no rise just shorter. If it was thought of before I haven't seen it.

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    How'd you reinforce the lug inside the body that the spring seats on? That's the only real failure point... have the bolt barrel and a paintball going down the feild... id actually pay to see it.

    Looks nice and clean though, good job on it

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    oh im just saying do a little more r&d

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    Threaded detent?

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    This brings to mind a Honda I once saw; 2 inches off the ground, carbonfiber doors, wheels, roof, hood, and spoiler. Easily $20,000 in carbonfiber to knock off a maybe 75lb. Then it parked, and the two 6'3" 350lb Samoan guys got out.

    Still, really cool. I like the look, time to cap that valve and get a UL'ed rail though!

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