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    Carbon Fiber Body

    I have been working on a full Carbon fiber body with clamping feed neck and autococker threads. So what do you think? [ATTACH=CONFIG]87662
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    nice idea,
    but you need to reinforce things,
    and that feedneck look alittle, not right.

    but good prgress.
    but definently has been thought of before.
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    What needs to be reinforced? The feed neck is the same as a CCM angel thread no rise just shorter. If it was thought of before I haven't seen it.

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    How'd you reinforce the lug inside the body that the spring seats on? That's the only real failure point... have the bolt barrel and a paintball going down the feild... id actually pay to see it.

    Looks nice and clean though, good job on it

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    oh im just saying do a little more r&d

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    Threaded detent?

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    This brings to mind a Honda I once saw; 2 inches off the ground, carbonfiber doors, wheels, roof, hood, and spoiler. Easily $20,000 in carbonfiber to knock off a maybe 75lb. Then it parked, and the two 6'3" 350lb Samoan guys got out.

    Still, really cool. I like the look, time to cap that valve and get a UL'ed rail though!

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