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Thread: How to repair emag regulator valve pin assembly?

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    How to repair emag regulator valve pin assembly?

    For those following this saga, I am now working on the valve. I have replaced all the bad o rings, but I have no idea what I replace on the regulator valve pin assembly.

    Where that white part is, on my gun there are three different discs, seemingly of different materials. They are all gummy and ruined.

    Is there a part I can pick up so I don't have to buy the whole thing? Seems kind of wasteful if I can't throw something on there.

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    The two outside ones are urethane orings that come in the oring kit. The middle one is a plastic split washer that separates the orings.
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    Do you know what size those o rings are?

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    Figure they're 006. I can either use butyl or viton. Going with butyl right now.

    The real question is how I remove that little ring at the back end of the assembly. I need to do that to take the washer off and put the first one on.

    BTW: Thank you athomas. My orings had melted into such a mess that even after messing with orings all day long, I didn't recognize these things as orings! The whole mess looked like some proprietary piece.

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    Well, I got them on by squeezing the one over the washer with a pick and a toothpick.

    However, I still have a catastrophic leak from the reg vent hole. I've already replaced the sear piston o ring, and all the o rings on the regulator valve piston assembly.

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    Does the leak stop if you back off the velocity? If so, your regulator piston assembly may need replacing.

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