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    splash trigger

    was there produced splash triggers to this frame? I have Eclipse / Sp triggers, but it then requires a little modification to make it fit. Anyone know?

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    I've seen splash triggers, but I don't think Eclipse did them.

    What else do you have splash ano'd back there?

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    I meant if it was produced splash triggers for this frame.

    A small tank, rails, trigger frames, Asa`s
    sight rails, foregrips etc. all in the same splash pattern.
    Will build a pumpmag but need a pumpmilled rail in this splash.
    And no, nothing is for sale.
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    Quote Originally Posted by swe_crazy View Post
    Will build a pumpmag but need a pumpmilled rail in this splash.
    And no, nothing is for sale.
    I had a rail with the same splash that I had milled for the pump slot, still regret selling that pump mag, one of my favorite splash kits.

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    Strange kit... Doesn't seem to be Benchmark but that's a Benchmark frame, Smart Parts siterail, Smart Parts grip, unmilled AGD rail, and unidentified powerfeed plug that isn't Smart Parts. Might be piecemeal? Or made during a period where they didn't do all the parts in-house.

    As for a trigger, well, get one matched. If it was me I'd polish it to match the body and get some shiny grips. I'd also consider switching back to the RAPS it's a great on/off and you will shred tank o-rings in that stock ASA as well as driving yourself crazy with the X-Valve.

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    Sweet looking kit!

    Doesn't that tank have an on off built into the valve?

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    Have seen this type of power feed plug in a eclipse-splash kit but in Banzai Green(Have seen Differences in the other parts in the Eclipse kits, early / later versions might be so in this case ). It is not Smartparts for their missing the tab on the top. The trigger will be polished and slightly "modified" and I mounted on the asa because I wanted to see how it looked. You are right with the asa and o-rings ... been there done that.

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