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Thread: brace yourself sale - Automag edition

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    brace yourself sale - Automag edition

    Ladies and Gentleman

    Over the coming days I will be posting several sales threads containing the boatloads of gear I have accumulated and continue to accumulate. Links to these other sales will be added to my sig as they are created.

    A quick note

    I ship from canada so we will figure out (not included in price)
    I am always open to trades either in my favor or for stuff I actually need
    On the fence make an offer ... worst I can say is no thanks
    I will part but only if the price is right .... make me an offer I cant Refuse
    Have a question, concern, dirty joke ... pm me or post it up here
    Need a part that I dont have listed .... ask and I may very well have it
    all guns are tested and condition as pictured

    That being said let us begin ...

    1)Classic right feed mag --->$150
    -works perfect and shoots in the 280
    -classic valve with matching front and back
    -classic RF body, rail, frame and basic black twistlock
    -angled plastidipped foregrip

    2)Mutant Minimag --->$125
    -was having some issues getting the velocity above 250 before leaking
    -minimag body
    -classic rail
    -angled forgrip mount
    -classic valve with ANS back
    -dye barrel
    -benchmark frame which was dremmled inside at some point for pneumag

    3)Micromag --->$250
    -shoots perfect 280
    -gloss and dust black
    -dye forgrip
    -classic valve with some kind of polished back as well as the matching one
    - benchmark frame
    -on off asa
    -2 piece lightning barrel

    4)my personal classic mag --->$250
    -cut RF body
    -benchmark frame
    -contract killer grips
    -expansion chamber
    -smart parts? barrel that shoots silent lasers
    -classic valve with hurricane valve back (cant out shoot, hard as I try)
    -level 7 bolt

    5)vert feed ule mag ---> $225
    -blue ULE body
    -angled forgrip
    -single trigger frame with super comfy grips (I LOVE THIS FRAME)
    -matching classic valve
    -on off asa
    -black barrel

    I also have an x valved y framed eclipse ULE mag that will be added once its tuned ....

    Accessories available include different frames and barrels

    OFFER UP and please keep an eye out for my other sales

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    Very interested in that blue vert mag. Here is what I have to trade:

    Gear For Trade

    I can add cash if anything strikes your fancy.

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    Inbox is full. PM me if you want to possibly trade for a vice

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    interested in the xmag you mentioned at the end and the micromag. please send pics of the z'd x mag to


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