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    Thanks to the dedicated work of Athomas, Justus and squidvision, my emag which I rescued from an idiot is working.

    Or it would be. The final problem? The on off is the wrong length. It is an on off for an x valve. .75.

    Anyways, I will be ordering the pin from someone. I just have no idea where this guy, who lived hours from the nearest store and clearly didn't care about his guns, got it.

    At least ill be able to throw this on off into a classic valve for a little bounce.

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    It won't RT in a Classic valve, though it will cut the trigger pull in half. If you've got a dremel, a gray grinding wheel, and a set of calipers, you can turn that .750 pin into a .712 within about 15 minutes of grind-and-check work.

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    If you have a good file you can shave it down also. Had to do that to an rt on off pin that was in a minimag I bought a month ago. Took about 20 min with a file but works like a top now.

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    ill be grinding one down later today for a friend, works great, just take your time and be careful!

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    Measure 3xs, grind once... it doesn't take a lot... Emag pin should be .712.. you can go down to .700. I put .700 in all of my emags they do get you a few more BPS..

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    My calipers only go to .01. And I respect the precision of Tom Kaye too much to do that. Besides, I've always wanted one of these pins in my classic valve!

    However, I would like to know what the downside of .700 is. I mean there has to be some sacrifice.

    Is the agd store still working? I've heard things

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