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    what would a sydarm go for? it really doesnt matter if it is all scratched up it will be used hardcore anyway? are there any other paintball pistols out there? always wanted to try them and now i have my bro infected so i have a target lol

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    Seen a couple pop up for sale in the 300 range in the last few weeks.

    I actually thought one was still fs in the marker forum.

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    ive sold two one for 300$ and one for 250$,
    the one for 250$ i sold lower only beccause he was at the meet and great so no hassle,
    and was good guy.

    but yeah those are the prices i have sold mine for, and that was with constant air adapter extra feed spring"You play stupid games, you get stupid prizes." RU

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    damn!! what about others?

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    I've sold 1 , 300$ bought it for 300$ , they are one of the very constants as far as price , and i've never seen one in poor condition , they seem to be well kept ( lack of use ?)

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    Well you can look at other pistols like Tiberius Arms T8.1, or buy a used T8 (I have one and love it, more problems with using it than the T8.1 though), there is also the Tippmann TPX which is not bad at all. Then there is the sydarm which is, well a sydarm. They are great but are rare and often used as a wall hanger to keep in good condition. What I did since I already own the T8 (I would say T8.1 is the best out of them all BTW) is I just made my own pistol out of a minimag and that works great. Never have to worry about under chrono because it was intended to be used as a normal marker. I just bought a cheap minimag, cut off the power feed. I took an old T68(? I think) clip and a small strip of Metal and I just welded to clip right onto the metal and the strip of metal right onto the body where I had cut off the feedneck. Was a really easy build and works great.

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