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Thread: FSO: AGD, Ninja, BL, grease & more stuff I dont want.

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    FSO: AGD, Ninja, BL, grease & more stuff I dont want.

    Payment is paypal or cash in person.
    Shipping is USPS Flatrate with tracking. Items will ship into what ever size box I can safely pack your order into.
    Trades, nothing paintball. Real steel, Ford trucks & farm stuff is about all I will look at.
    Feedback if anyone needs it is on MCB HERE with a list to other forums.

    Prices listed below do NOT include the shipping unless noted.
    To justify FREE items, you must buy something else.
    RED means SOLD.

    $12 - 20 pods & mesh bag
    $12 - Intimidator trigger
    $Offer$ - 15 little boxes
    $free$ - JT mask strap
    $2 each - 6 tubs of Dow 111
    $free$ - Odyssey Halo bag
    $15 - AR mag pouch holds 3 mags has shock cord straps
    $15 - Molle leg holder thingy
    $10 - Black camel back with NO bladder

    $30 - Bob Long Intimdator Banner
    $30 - KAPP Jersey
    $750 shipped - Automag Lot
    Ninja Pro SHP 68/45 with cover, nipple cover leash with less than 2 cases worth of air through it.
    Chrome Classic RT - Valve rebuilt, new piston & untuned LvLX
    ~ Valve was drill for Emag orings & Lowers drilled for banjo by BigE
    Xmod 1.8 PTP Lowers w/ Lukes aluminum selector & grips
    Good battery
    AGD Charger
    wall adapter for charger
    Lapco, PMI, CP & AGD barrels
    Aluminum sight rail & forgrip mounts & screws
    RT hardline
    Black AM body w/ nxe sticker
    extra 1200psi gauge
    stock RT CF frame
    Stainless flex hoses, QDs, macro line & fittings
    Plastic tray with LX parts, extra banjo screw & orings, screws & what is left for small parts.
    Classic Mag with ANS valve & bolt, Milled rail, I-Frame & other parts pictured.

    Click on pictures for bigger pictures.

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