Tags: Can I use butyl nitrate o rings o-rings orings instead of polyurethane automag AGD

Anyways, I had a terrible leak down the barrel, turned off when the trigger was pulled, changed the power tube spacer (o rings .010) multiple times (.220 .225 .230), and nothign worked. I was using butyl.

I switched it out with some 5 year old polyurethane orings i had laying around. BAM leak gone.

I also noticed that polyurethane was important for the regulator valve pin assembly (.006). I got it to work with butyl - eventually, but I feel poly would have solved all the problems.

So, I think the point of this thread is people should mention what parts of the valve simply can't be replaced with butyl - which is becoming more prevelant and polyurethane being more rare.

Also, people should mention what sorts of local stores carry polyurethane!