Looking to trade both of these markers for a single pump or mech marker.

First up, the autococker. This was given to me by a friend ~4 years ago, and it hasnt seen a day of play since.

It could use a good teardown and cleaning. But I did air it up yesterday (3/31). It shot 280fps no problem without any leaks.

Palmers LPR
Palmers ram
generic 3 way
orracle hinge frame
mystery bolt
ergo reg
no macro line.

$200 obo (looking to trade)

The epiphany-
Has seen better days cosmetically
Tech T bolt kit
NXT reg
SP on/off
freak barrel
Q lock feedneck
Spare ion frame with NDZ trigger
Marker shoots very very well.
$200 obo

Looking for anything interesting. Centerfeed is highly preferred. If it takes a battery, I probably dont want it.