but then isnt,

i got ahold of 9 Dye dam clips,
6, 10/12 rnd clips
9, 20/22 rnd clips

opened the box and said oh boy need some cleaning.
so i went at them filled a bucket of warm water and let the parts soak.
there was sand paint, some looked like house paint. who knows what these things had in them.
more then 75% of them did not release when you released the pressure button.
so i said hey time to clean.


and good as new.

sorry didnt get pics of them straight out of the box. one was driping and drooling paint and the other i opened and had sand just poor out.

but now after about and hour total of disassebly, washing, drying bone dry, and reinstalling the traps and springs they are like brand new.

not bad for the price.

just thought i would share,
as we all know things will come from a purchase not even functional.