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Thread: Slowing down an X Valve

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    Slowing down an X Valve

    I have an X valve coming my way and I want to eliminate the RTing effect. I am going to be running lvl 7. I may get a cap made for the X, but until then what do I need to do? Where should I start with my adjustable tank output pressure etc. It is coming with the RT on/off.

    I think it should be simple, but I tend to overthink things...and I am cheap

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    i would put new on/off orings, measure the on/off pin length. thats at least a start

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    well the ULT was designed to eliminate the rt effect and only costs $30ish bucks. other than that a longer on/off pin and or a lower (but not too low!) tank output and that should get you the desired effect. Also single trigger frames tend to be harder to RT with.

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    I was going to say what squid said almost exactly... you could also pneu it for about the same cost as gettin a decent single trigger frame, with just enough tinker to wet your whistle. That's 100% getting rid of it, unless you turn the lpr down for some full auto

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    Since you are using an adjustable tank and a level 7 bolt, you can lower the tank output pressure to about 750psi and reduce the RT effect.
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    I can confirm that an ULT will reduce the RT to almost non-noticeable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by halB View Post
    I can confirm that an ULT will reduce the RT to almost non-noticeable.
    Really I get 26 bps with my ULT installed

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